Some things I worked on while freelancing.

Front-end Work

I specialize in front-end development, and I believe I can make any design a reality. I'm not a designer by trade, but I like to dabble and design via CSS.

For many of these projects, I was the sole developer. For a few, I worked with my good friend and colleague Kaizhi Wei.

Generally, the main focus was PSD2HTML. Some were flat sites, others were driven by WordPress. I used HAML and SASS were used for rapid prototyping, and image spritesheets whenever applicable.

Many sites had needed custom widgets. I've coded dozens of custom slideshows in my time, interactive maps, and several full-spread responsive image-based landing pages.

I'm experienced with integration of external services – yelp, Facebook, iHomeFinder, and other 3rd party weather services.

These days, I've fleshed out more in terms of back-end development. I'd still consider myself primarily a front-end developer, as I'd say that's where the majority of my talents lie. There's just something so satisfying about seeing things come to life in front of your eyes!