Terrain generated from Perlin noise

WebGL Strategy RPG Engine

Dec 5, 2011


Created for CS488 (Introduction to Computer Graphics) during Fall 2011 at the University of Waterloo as a final project. This marks the second time that I've taken this course. Against all odds, I somehow managed to miss the exam during my first course attempt, and was assigned a Fail outright. I'm pleased to announce that I have since passed this wonderfully fun course!

The focus was on procedural generation, completely framework free code. It was primarily an exploration in real-time interactive graphics, utilizing only shaders and modern graphics techniques.

I did not meet all of the objectives I set for myself, but I was able to explore: texture mapping, texture atlasing, bump mapping, procedural terrain, water reflections, animations using Catmull-Rom splines, Phong shading/lighting model, WebGL, OpenGL ES 2.0, AI pathfinding, Perlin noise, and context-free trees.

When I get the time, I'd like to explore more of the objectives I wasn't able to achieve, probably separate from this project. I've put in a bit of work to polish certain aspects (namely, the character animation and interleaving the terrain data), but haven't had time to commit the changes yet.

Sprite shaders, L-system 'trees'